Sparkling Apple & Quince Juice

A sublime sparkling juice crafted with heritage quince varieties grown in the Moorabool Valley.

The quinces add a bright aromatic complexity to the sweetness of the Aussie apples.

Enjoy on its own or as a zesty addition to a cocktail.

QUINCEY is a sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage, suitable for any occasion.

Perfect for a picnic…

…a pool party…

…or an afternoon cocktail!

Perfect for a picnic…

…a pool party…

…or an afternoon cocktail!


Australian Fruit

Heritage Quinces

Nothing Artifical

Locally Produced

Our Story

I have such vivid memories from my childhood of my Mum straining quince syrup to make delicious quince jelly. Since then, I have always loved quinces and their unique aroma and flavour.

Our heritage orchard boasts 13 different varieties of quinces and each year we marvel at the quince tree’s ability to thrive in heavy clay during our long, hot summers and cold winters. These conditions and our particular combination of varieties makes the flavour of our yield unique.

A spirit of adventure, a belief in a quality product and a bit of a leap of faith has resulted in Quincey — a unique and striking blend of sparkling quince and apple juice. Pure juice; pure joy!

I invite you to try this beautiful product, you will not be disappointed!

— Libby Jewson, Quincey Pty Ltd

Drink to support a great cause!

50% of our profits are donated to The Melanie Jewson Foundation.

The foundation provides much needed medical equipment and school resources for the people of Vanuatu. Find out more at

The Quintipple: Quincey’s Signature Cocktail

Ideal on a lazy summer’s afternoon, this fresh, fruity cocktail is a bright and breezy addition to any celebration. Five fabulous ingredients give this delightful mixture its moniker.

Drink outside in the sunshine with good friends.


a bottle of QUINCEY

5 shots of VODKA

2 shots of APEROL


a dash of BITTERS — or 10 drops, to be exact



Gently mix ingredients together in a large jug.

Add a generous handful or two of ice.

Pour into 4 glasses. Top with more ice, if desired.

Garnish with a slice of grapefruit.

Serves 4.

QUINCEY is available at a selection of quality grocers, including:

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